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Gold plated hematite beads, ceramic & glass beads gemstones and vegan leather bracelet with magnetic clasp.

Each sold separately (stacked for a complete look)

Stretch bracelets measure 7 inches vegan leather wrap measures 14 inches.

Bracelets are priced from top to bottom 

#1 - hematite gold plated beads  with agate gemstone (stretch)

#2- vegan leather wrap swarovski crystals with magnetic clasp

#3- glass beads hematite gold plated (stretch)

#4- double chain bracelet stainless steel enamel, brass gold plated

#5- riverstone beads with hematite gold plated, gold plated coin brass bead (stretch)

#6- double fancy brass chain & stainless steel chain with glass + hematite bead

#7- ceramic beads with cz rondel & hematite gold plated brass

#8- complete stack group (7 bracelets) save $38