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Stunning pearl and chain necklaces, wear alone or layered.

Gold plated (long lasting plating) chains in brass and pearls

Sold individually, layered for a complete look. Special price for all 4 necklaces.

Priced from top to bottom

#1 Dainty brass chain with evil eyes and freshwater pearls, measuring 14"in length with extension

#2 Faux pearl with stars brass chain and brass gold plated pendant eye with cubic zirconia 16" length with extension

#3 Faux pearl and cube beads brass chain gold plated with brass eye pendant with cubic zirconia 18" with extension

#4 Half fresh water pearls and half brass gold plated coffee bean link chain with cross pendant with cubic zirconia 21" to clasp with 3" drop pendant.

# 4 All 4 necklaces for complete layered look and save $36