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Stretch and adjustable stackable pretty rings. sizing varies on the stretch rings so please specify size for the stretch rings. if not specified at check out a size 7 ring will be shipped

**each sold separately

Front hand (from left to right)

#1 turquoise eye  square with gold beads (stretch)

#2 simple gold beads ring (stretch)

#3 turquoise heart with evil gold plated beads (stretch)

#4 two coin beads with small evil eye gold plated beads (stretch)

#5 coin bead with gold plated small beads (stretch)

back hand  (from left to right)

#6 round white evil eye with gold plated beads (stretch) 

#7 star cuff ring adjustable 

#8 gold evil eye bead with gold plated beads (stretch)

#9 turquoise evil eye with gold plated beads beads (stretch)